Simplicity Wisdom

The other evening our oldest child, (and by old I mean only grade 3!), launched into diatribe about life and success aimed at her mum.  “Mum why’d didn’t you do this or that with your life, why didn’t you finish this or that…).  It turns out it was a rather well aimed diatribe that actually hit rather close to her mummies heart, and set up a little ringing in her ears that has not quite died down yet.

When someone homes in on decisions or aspects of our lives that actually occurred when we were kids ourselves, and comes from someone we are naturally trusting and open to (sisters, parents, brothers, kids..), its pretty natural for it to find a sneaky way in, and clank all they way down the well till it hits the water of our soul 40 metres down.

That being said, I came to thinking of why it is that kids can come up with such seemingly well distilled wisdoms that can cut right to the heart of an issue, or explain something so much better than our adult brains with all their baggage could comprehend.  And it occurred to me that it’s actually the wisdom of simplicity that our kids are experts at.

It’s not the wisdom of the village elder and their 80 years of careful thought and observation, but a wisdom born of only seeing 8 years of life.  It’s still a wisdom none the less but it’s a wisdom of not knowing backstory, of not knowing the myriad events that impacted on our young lives, nearly all of which were not of our choosing.  It’s a wisdom that can appear at first instance to be so insightful, and so full of meaning it must have come from that master of simplicity, the Dalai Lama himself.  It’s certainly worthwhile listening to, but it’s also something we must be able to see for what it is.. it’s not a comment on us, but rather a kids view of how simple the world can be.. a story of hope for what life could be without the baggage.

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