Wobbly Wheels

“You need to meditate”.   At least that’s what Karolina said the clairvoyant said.  She either knew us and our manic lives really well, or maybe just had an MBO (Masters of the Bleeding Obvious).  Jokes aside, out and about in the world, I have noticed a lot of people swear by meditation.  Just have a google and listen to Jerry Seinfeld no less giving a super well considered and thoughtful description of his journey into meditation and the impact it has had on his life.  He said it’s very likely he would not have finished Seinfeld after the eighth season if he had the thought register clearing assistance of TM meditation to re-set the memory banks afresh everyday.  He really swears by it.  So does my 1950’s Dad, enigmatic creature that he is.

So if there is such a powerful assistance package out there that actually doesn’t require us to do anything other than do nothing for half an hour, why isn’t everyone doing it?  Whats the hold up?  It doesn’t cost us anything other than a little bit of time, but I guess therein lies the clue.  Why don’t we take the time to switch off at the end of the day and properly chill a little bit, rather than artificially switch back on as soon as we get home? ( the TV / Mobile Phone / Glass of Wine ).

It certainly seems that we as a human race are not geared for a super fast pace life, skewered from all sides with mostly meaningless information memes designed mostly to just get us to do more stuff (watch this, read this, buy this..).  I think meditation flies square in the face of the way we grow into our world, the way we have grown our individual survival and success strategies to make our way and earn a living (financial or emotional) in our information infestation economy.  We can’t even have a rest from the financial pressures in life as our emotional world has also been totally hijacked by FacelessBook and InstaFriendster pressuring us to need more friends and seek more ‘likes’ as a manic squirrel seeking nuts for winter.

Back in the day, in the post ice age caves of Aquitane France, our great great grand humans didn’t evolve in a fast pace info-permeated world.  Our gifts were thought, speech, communication with a couple of people in our tribe, pattern recognition and planning.  All very upstairs mental gifts.  We certainly were not the strongest or fastest thats for sure.

So its when our mental gifts as humans are hijacked and overloaded, we start to find that the very things that gave us success are being usurped and so its no coincidence that our lives become more difficult to manage, and our wheels get wobbly just as we are speeding up faster and faster.   Certainly some of us have super stable wheels, and seem to operate as if they are Shinkansen bonkers bullet trains, but most of us, nearly all us get the dreaded speed wobbles as we continue to push our mental skateboard in an attempt to keep up with whatever overhyped goal we have adopted this week.

Use your NAI (non-artificial intelligence) and learn to firstly recognise the speed wobbles, and then see them for what they are.. a mental rumble strip on the side of the road to wake us up when veering off course and going too fast.  Slow down just a little for half an hour a day, reset the circuits and switch off.  You can get a massive life dividend and renewed vision to where you really want to go, devoid of the noise and infomercials, by just NOT doing.

This may well be the best and only other life deal on offer since banks began giving you interest for just leaving your money in the bank and doing nothing.  Something for nothing… not a bad deal.

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